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This is the sixth book in The Anzu series. The Grenai from planet Green have shown themselves to be as technologically advanced and as logical as the Zandu, but as the Anzu crosses their sector of space to get home, other, less desirable traits have surface. The Grenai lack empathy, they think of themselves superior and they are also intent in taking some of the crew as prisoners. Now the Anzu is in a race for its survival



This is the final book in The Feelings Are the Same series.

Suki is back on Earth, but things are not going well. As she's being transported to some sort of government detention camp she hopes that her alien friends have been able to escape. She is confident someone will come to rescue her and is not too worried, but maybe she should be. Dr. Orky has been working on something that involves humans for an unknown purpose and soon everyone will learn that there are other aliens that are not as friendly or feeling as the Neubulisskys.



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