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Newly Released Books

Here is the latest! This book took many years to write; I started it in 2010 and put it aside for a while (okay a long time). I always liked the characters and the story is still current so here it is. It is a bit longer than my other books and the characters want to continue their adventures so there may be more in the works. I hope you enjoy it.

CentrifugeFinal copy.jpg

Uranium can be enriched for peaceful purposed, like in the case of nuclear power, but by running the centrifuges just a little longer and adding just a little more chemicals, the result is enriched material that can be used to make a dirty bomb.

Matt, an MI5 agent, is trying to find the centrifuges and destroy them before someone uses them. His path crosses with Sam and the people he is following happen to be friends of Sam’s sister. As Sam tries to get her sister back, Matt and Sam connect.
It is more than a chemical attraction.

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