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On the surface, things in San Axel are pretty much the same. Alisa’s work with the sheriff is the same and her romantic life continues to be stuck on the ‘friends’ setting. She did move in with a local family and is getting the benefits of home cooked meals, lively conversation and a possible prescription connection. 

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After the mayor of San Axel was arrested, the fall-out from his and his daughter’s actions are still being felt. But crime does not wait and soon Alisa is called back to town. 

A farmer friend is growing cannabis, and to do so is legal in this state, so why is someone threatening him? Could it be because of his product or is there some other reason? Alisa needs to find out as the harassment seems to be escalating dangerously

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Alisa Price, crime analyst and recent graduate from Sonoma State, is doing just fine. Then Jake calls to ask for help to resolve an intriguing missing person case. She wavers but can't say no. Her hesitation could be because she doesn’t have much experience resolving cases, or maybe because it involves Jake. She heads to San Axel, a farming community in the Central Valley, and her life will never be the same.