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Newly Released Series - It's All About Chemistry

The first book  in the series took many years to write; I started it in 2010 and put it aside for a while (okay a long time).

I always liked the characters and the story so I was inspired to start it again. I finished the last one of the series this year. 

I hope you enjoy it.

Look for these books at:

CentrifugeFinal copy.jpg

Uranium can be enriched for peaceful purposed, like in the case of nuclear power, but by running the centrifuges just a little longer and adding just a little more chemicals, the result is enriched material that can be used to make a dirty bomb.

Matt, an MI5 agent, is trying to find the centrifuges and destroy them before someone uses them. His path crosses with Sam and the people he is following happen to be friends of Sam’s sister. As Sam tries to get her sister back, Matt and Sam connect.
It is more than a chemical attraction.

The world is getting smaller. Multi-national corporations know how to play the game to their advantage, but sometimes actions in one country can have far reaching and dangerous consequences. Sam and Matt are finding that trying to make the world a better place, can be hard on love.

Rare Earth elements are becoming more valuable as we use more and more of them in our modern life. Few countries around the     world have deposits large enough to make   mining viable and even fewer deal with the dirty chemical processing, China is the major producer.                                                                  
Sam continues to work as an energy analyst, now in London. The chemistry with Matt is   great and she is meeting some of the            important people in his life. His mother is   delightful, his brother has a curious job that relates to rare earths, and the neighbors are... well we will have to wait and see.

Sam and Matt’s honeymoon is far from the usual but no one would expect anything else for this MI5 agent and energy analyst.                                       
Crete, the destination for their holiday, was picked for its fantastic scenery and vacation atmosphere but the island also has a vibrant wine making     scene. Someone in that delicious business is     quite interested in Sam and although his motives might be innocent, his connection to rare earths from Vietnam, is not.

Sam and Matt return to London after spending their wonderful honeymoon in Crete. Everything about it was enjoyable, the towns, the beaches, the food, and wine… except for that one time because of that one person. Sam is trying to put that memory out of her mind as she settles into her work and married life. Little do Sam and Matt know that that person is going to make an appearance near their home, and it might change their lives forever.

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