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A Where is Now Story

Book cover for Blooming Time
Time Waves

A Where is Now Story.


This is the second in the series, published in March 2015.


BioTime, the company that reached into the past to bring back select plants to be used to cure diseases, was humming. Things were going well for Amy, a research scientist who had developed a drug that would cure depression, and for Jeff, one of the leading time travelers. At work, things were good.

Jeff, a former sheriff from 1895, returned with Amy to 2066 and was adapting surprisingly well. Their bliss would be momentary. The same technology that saved lives is trying to ruin theirs.





Book cover for Blooming Time
Blooming Time

A Where is Now Story.


This is the first in the series, published in November 2013.


Amy Waterman had always been dedicated to her job as a biochemist at BioTime Labs. Of course it was the kind of work one could get dedicated to – saving the world, or least, curing diseases that afflicted the people of her time, in 2066. BioTime’s business was to find plants whose chemical composition could be used to synthesize such remedies. All the plants studied were now extinct so to retrieve a specimen, one had to travel though time.

Amy was not supposed to be one of the first time travelers.





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