Dec 1


I have not been good about updating this page... obviously!
You might want to check my Facebook page or Google plus for the scientific findings that drive my writing and to check on the progress of my  books.  

Nov 6  2014

The Feelings are the Same I, II and III are available now through all eBook sales channels. 


Due to popular demand,  I am currently working on the second book of "The Where is Now Series".  (Always happy to please my readers)


Dec 1


Book 2 in A Where is Now Story series is also currently under consideration. It will depend on how the readers enjoyed Book 1. Please let me know what you think.


New book, new theme.
I am currently working on a totally different science fiction series. It has to do with alien and humans, but the aliens are very nice. This book will have more elements of science fiction in it, and will be written in the novella style (shorter novel).




Nov. 2013

Fortune cookie about aliens

Look at this fortune cookie I got over the holidays - talk about coincidences!

Dec. 2013

Jan. 2014

I am still on track to publish the first book of this series in
the spring of 2014.

The Feelings are the Same is the title of the new series.


Feb.25 2014

The first book in the series was published.
The Feelings are the Same is available now on Smashwords 


The second book in the series was released.
The Feelings are the Same II is available now on Smashwords and at iTunes. 


March 20  2014

The Feelings are the Same I and II are available now on Kindle. 


April 6  2014